Make Your Own Beats

Make Your Own Beats

Discover How Easy it is to Create Your Own Personal Rhythms


Have you always wanted to make your own beats? As a kid, did you secretly want to be a famous drummer?  You don’t have wait any longer!  Now you can make your own beats just like a pro with a simple new software program that works on your computer.

Turn Any Computer into Your Own Drum Set. . .and More

You may not be a kid anymore, but you’ll sure feel like one with DUBTurbo software.  Just download to your computer and suddenly your keypad turns into the drum set of your childhood dreams!  Click the keys and create your own rhythms with ease.

Easy to Use. . .Professional Sound

DUBTurbo is simple to use yet the sound is nothing short of amazing.  There are thousands of professional Masters so everything you produce is top notch. Yes, you’ll make your own beats but the sound is 100% professional!

Record and Share Your Sessions

Like every cool drummer, you can record your sessions.  Only with DUBTurbo, you won’t need a studio
OR drums!  Bang out your personal rhythm then pop them into a WAV file and share.
Your friends will be so impressed they may just start your first fan club.

Yes, It’s Possible to Make Some Coin with DUBTurbo

Make your own beats then use the promotional suggestions that come with DUBTurbo.  If your music is hot enough and your
marketing is effective enough, you may just find a new sideline business.  One thing is for sure. . .you’ll have the
time of your life.

Inexpensive and SO MUCH FUN

Go ahead. . .make your own beats and have fun without breaking the bank.  DUBTurbo costs less than $50 but the
creativity it inspires is priceless!

Find out more about Dubturbo on there page by clicking on the link below.